How to download obs 2021


How to download obs

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free open source software through which you can record and live stream your computer screen on various social media platforms or save the video in the internal storage to edit it later. It offers live screen recording in various video formats ranging from HD to 4k resolution. 


Installing the OBS software from third-party apps stores is possible but first, scan the software for any virus and download it if after viewing the scan result. 

Guide to download obs

As you probably know that OBS Classic is officially terminated by its creators so you cannot download OBS software from any official store or its official website. This software is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems and you need to select the correct bit version of your computer to run it correctly.  

  • Open your preferred internet browser
  • Type “OBS studio download” in the search and hit enter
  • Tap on the first link to access the OBS Studio website
  • Select your operating system and the download will start automatically

The downloaded file contains OBS software installation files for both 32-bit and 63-bit operating systems so look for the compatible version while installing it. 

Installation guide

After downloading the file on your pc, unzip the archive if the installation files are in an archive and follow these steps afterward. Disable your antivirus before installing the software as the antivirus may delete some files due to virus and you will need to install the software again you get this error message due to the antivirus. 

  • Double click on the file with the .exe extension.
  • Tap on the “Yes” button to give Windows permission to run the installer
  • After the installer screen opens, tap on the “Next” button
  • Carefully read the license agreement and “Accept” the agreement to move to the next step
  • Choose the destination folder to install the software in it and tap “Next”
  • Select the given options to install any extra components with the given software
  • After the installation finishes, you can directly launch the software or access it later 

Common Installation errors and their fix

When you try to execute the program after installing it, it shows an error message that the system is missing some important components required to run the program correctly. You can tap on the option to download all the components from the given link and this fix sometimes starts the program after you restart your computer.

If the problem continues, try uninstalling the program and then install the 32-bit version of the software to get rid of this error message without trying any other fix at all. You can also take a different approach and download all the runtime components before you install the software as sometimes missing runtime components may lead to a black screen. If you experience a black screen error and cannot record your screen, reinstall the program again and make sure to install all runtime components as well.  


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