How to Download Clone Hero Songs?


Clone Hero is a music rhythm video game that Foster discovers. It has similar features as guitar hero gameplay. It can play songs which are resulted in a large fan community around the game.

download Clone Hero Songs

Clone hero can play community-made songs that are known as charts. It is a free, independently developed game for PC. Also is an open-source guitar hero game developed for fans. Clone Hero is a free rhythmic music video game that we can play with 5 or 6 guitar control buttons, a game controller, and even your computer keyboard. 

Download the game, then copy your song charts into the folder and enjoy your hours by this. 

How to download clone hero songs:

First of all, if you don’t have a WINRAR application or program, then install this application. You can easily install this application by clicking or visiting this link.

  • Open the browser and visit the website to download Clone Hero game then you can see the button on the home page of the clone hero application. 
  • You click on “Download,” then you can see on your downloads that this is still in progress. 
  • After the download completion, then start the application.
  • Open it through the WINRAR application. Through this, it is too easy to open clone heroes. 
  • When you start the application, you can see different options on the left side of the page of the clone hero app. 
  • After starting the application, you must have to create your profile. As you know that you are a new user, that’s why you can’t use it by not making your profile. 
  • You create your profile first by giving them your username and then complete the whole procedure. 
  • You go to google and go to chorus music website by clicking on this link

Here are many songs on the chorus music website so that you can download the songs by this:

  • After downloading the songs, make the folder that should be in your library. 
  • Open the clone hero and click the option on the left-side “Settings,” then click on the option given below, “Scan songs” after clicking this, your all songs start scanning. It takes some time. 
  • After completing scanning, then click on the button “Finish.”
  • Go to the option on the left side of the home page on clone hero “Quickplay.”
  • After clicking on it, you select songs from your folder and play the music whatever you want to play by clone hero. 


If clone hero is installed but not working well, then log out of this application and reopen it by providing your username and all information again.

If the problem is remaining, then restart your pc or computer, it helps resolve all of the issues in the software. 

Clone hero is very fastest and well-playing application. Millions of people use this application and get an advantage from that application. Working and playing songs quality is too good, and you can easily enjoy and convert your tedious hours and fun.


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