How to Bypass Mega Download Limit in 2021


Mega (stylized as MEGA) is offering you cloud storage and file hosting services by Mega Limited. It is considered one of the best services, offering you fast downloading speed and a friendly user-interface. Furthermore, the user can have at least 50 GB of Cloud Storage for free only after creating an account. Besides, it promises to give you both secure cloud storage and communication. It also allow you bypass mega download limit. Using the Mega services, you can conveniently secure your files following the end-to-end encryption feature.

With the use of secure communication, you are allowed to exchange messages, share files, and have video/audio calls safely. Moreover, it has two different packages for both individuals and businesses. The individual package contains four plans to choose from Pro-Lite, Pro I, Pro II, and Pro III. The highest plan offers 16 TB Storage and Bandwidth, along with other prominent features.

considered one of the best hosting services

Frustrated With Mega’s Download Limit?

Are you frustrated with the download limit of Mega? Then, surely you would be searching for how to bypass the Mega Download Limit. If the scene is actually like that I have mentioned, then you are in the right place, where you will find a solution. Before getting your hands to the solution, you should know what Mega Download Limit is and why it is displayed. The majority of users experience the error all the time and get fed up with it; meanwhile, some users experience the error for the first time in their life. It doesn’t matter from which category you belong; if you are here, you indeed wonder how to pass the error around.

How to Bypass Mega Download Limit?

After knowing about Mega, you should know about the limit which is linked to bandwidth. You might know that a free account offers you only 50 GB of cloud storage. And you can’t be able to download a file with more than 5 GB of data.

  • We recommend you download and install an app for Mega.
  • You are supposed to use VPN in case you don’t have a dynamic IP-address.
  • Whenever you receive an error about the bandwidth exceeding, you must change your location using the VPN.
  • If you have dynamic IPs, give a restart to your router, and your problem will be solved.
  • Upon reencountering the error, you should repeat the procedure.

Although the procedure may work this time, very soon, it may be closed in the future. If you are wondering how to trick the Mega download limit, the only answer is to use VPN. Therefore, it is considering the best method required to bypass the free user limitations. Apart from that, you can buy a plan according to your requirements.

best method required to bypass the limitations of the mega free user


Using the VPN may help you get rid of error whenever it appears. The guide beautifully describes in simple steps how to overcome the error as it appears on your screen. Enjoy unlimited downloading with no worries.


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