How to Download Audio from Tumblr 2021


Tumblr is a Social Networking and Microblogging website created in 2007. It lets users worldwide post content in the form of a blog; however, users can follow each other; meanwhile, they can make their blog private that no one can see except for a few ones the user selects, and you can public audio, video or photos. 

The site also comes with friendly user-interface and features many prominent features like live messaging features and more.  

Tumblr Logo

According to Alexa, Tumblr’s rank is 117 all over the world. While some users intend to share their ideas and views, others use the site to display their talent ahead of others.

Many times users have found the best songs with no link to download. Besides that, if you are one of those looking for such a way to download Song from Tumblr Blogs, this post is for you.  

Download Audio from Tumblr using Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Mozilla and Chrome

Nowadays, downloading audio from Tumblr isn’t a problem anymore, thanks to the Developer Options builtin modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Chrome or Firefox on your Pc; follow the given steps below to download any audio file you need from Tumblr and play it offline anywhere and anytime:   

  • Run Google Chrome or Firefox to browse Tumblr and hit the page where the audio file is available. 
  • Hit the play button to run the audio. 
  • Afterward, you should make a right-click on the Audio Player and select the “Inspect Element” from the end of the menu that appears on the screen.  
  • Get into the HTML section and search for <audio preload= “auto”>. 
  • Make a hit to expand the content and copy it in the src block. (We suggest you double click on the code on the screen and then hold Ctrl + C to copy it) 
  • You have to paste the copied URL in a new browser window or tab and click to go.  
  • Next to that, the file will start downloading automatically. If the said method doesn’t work, you should make a right-click on the player and select “Save Video as” to save the video.  
  • Follow all the said steps to download the audio from Tumblr and enjoy.  

Second Method – Easier than the First Method 

  • Open the browser, hit the Tumblr page where the audio is available, and wait until the page gets fully loaded.  
  • Run the developer console by merely pressing the key “F12.” 
  • Toggle to the Network tab and wait for a while.  
  • Hit the play’s button on the Tumblr blog page and get the URL of the audio file appearing in the Network tab.  
  • Afterward, you must right-click on it and select the Open Link in a new tab.  
  • Toggle to the newly opened tab and rightclick on the audio player, and select the Save Video as tab.  

Following the 2nd method, you can download the audio file and enjoy it whenever you want.  


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