Windows 10 Free Download in 2021



Windows 10 Free Download

Windows 10 is the newest update of the operating system that most of the PC, laptops and workstations nowadays. It brings plenty of new and updated features that are being lost in the new versions. Getting Windows 10 free download is easy now because there are loads of destinations where you can get one. Adding to that, there are multiple ways to install windows such as using a UBS drive or through CD/DVD. The more easy and effortless way that is under the limelight is through USB. 

You have to boot your devices (USB or CD/DVD) before installing them into your computers. For booting, an ISO file is needed that you can get from the site of Microsoft or other destinations. You also need a license to install windows over your PCs. After grabbing a license, you can be able to download and run the media creation tool instantly. 

Windows 10 Free Download

How to Download Windows 10:

You can simply visit the official site of Microsoft to create Windows 10 installation media and also get the options to update your windows in just a single click. You can use IDM, the download manager of the browser, or any other downloading manager for easy or fast downloading.

More Options for Downloading:

  • You can visit VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center) to download the enterprise editions. 
  • On the other hand, you can also visit the Windows Insider site and download Academic Products Pages. 
  • Finally, you can sign in to your subscription for MSDN download over the MSDN Portal

Steps to Download Windows 10 for free:

  • First of All, you have to grab the ISO file from the mentioned site or paste them over your desired destination over your PC. 
  • After downloading the ISO file, you have to grab a supported USB and make it bootable using software like Rufus, YUMI, Etcher, or any other. 
  • Then, you have to keep that USB inserted into the PC and restart it. 
  • You can then go into the boot menu after pressing the key according to the model of your PC. 
  • Windows 10 comes with the easiest way of installation so you can simply follow the steps being displayed over the screens of your PC and install it instantly. 
  • You can simply get the installation scenario with one click next scenario 
  • After the successful installation of Windows 10 for free, you can wait for the setup to get finalized and get your new interface of Windows 10 with everything it had except the key. 
  • As windows need to be activated and require an activation key for this purpose. For getting a free activation key, you can go to KMSpico and get both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. After getting the free windows activation key, you can get free windows 10 for free. 


We provide you with the free windows setup and installation along with free windows activation key that you can get instantly whenever you want. Follow these steps, get the ISO file for free, boot your USB, install it into your PC or laptop, get free windows activation key, and get started. 


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