Why Is My Upload Speed Faster Than My Download Speed? 2021


Why Is My Upload Speed Faster Than My Download Speed?

Many internal and external influences can result in a visible difference between the download speeds and upload speed on your computer. Most of the time a virus or spyware can cause the difference in download and upload speed while sometimes the internet speed is also affected by memory and hard disk space.

Traffic on your internet network, traffic on the delivery network of your service provider, and traffic on the server that you are trying to connect bring down the download speed of your network. An average internet user faces this problem every day and the solution to this problem may vary depending on their needs.

Test the download speed

Running an internet speed test is the first thing you should do when you experience low download speed before looking for a solution to boost up the network speed. The speed test will calculate the accurate bandwidth speed by downloading a file from the server to your device and uploading a file back to the server.

The speed of internet transmission is measured in bits per second unit (bps) and it can differ from modem to modem depending on the model of the router. For more accurate test results, you can run the speed test again on a different server as it can give you a better idea about the situation. 

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Reasons for low download speed and high upload speed

Experts divide reasons of low download speed and high upload speed into two classes depending on their nature and solutions that you can try to reduce the difference

  • Internal computer problems
  • External computer problems

Internal computer problems

You can experience problems with downloading and uploading internet speed after installing a new virus protection software to your computer. Many internet browsers, multimedia add-ons, and toolbar add-ons can also affect internet speeds. 

Only download programs from trusted sources and should always scan a program from an unknown source for any viruses if you need to install it on the computer. An article on the official Microsoft Windows website claims that most viruses and spyware can use your internet connection in the background and you won’t know a thing until the download speed drops down to the lowest value.  

These viruses can slow down the connectivity of the internet browser with websites and make your internet slow or even lose the full connectivity in some cases. 

External computer problems

Accessing websites with high internet traffic may refer to as an external computer problem in terms of internet download and upload speeds. You may have experienced that it takes a long time for local websites to load especially in the peak hours because just like you many other users are also trying to access the same site. 

How to solve the slow download and high upload speed problem?

To get rid of viruses and spyware which are making your pc slow, try installing antivirus software to solve this problem in just a few scans as this software may automatically infected files. 


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