Open Office Free Download in 2021



Open Office Free Download

Open office is the software used for office productivity and is free of cost. It is commonly abbreviated as OO. The Apache Software Foundation offers it for word processing, sheet formation, presentation, data charts, graphics, and a lot more. In addition, it is a stable and trustworthy product that has been available in the market for twenty years. You can download it. More than 200 million people have downloaded the software and are satisfied with the function. This Open office is being operated in a corner shop to the large organizations and is quite friendly to use. In this post we will show you how to get Open Office Free Download.

Open Office Free Download

Free download OO: 

As the open office is free of cost software. You can download it without paying any amount and can also pass the copies to as many people as you want freely. It can be operated easily on various PCs and can be used efficiently. The usage purpose of OO is all up to you. You can use it for academic, business, personal, commercial, and all purposes without any cost. You can download the open office from the official website. In addition, it is available there in the latest version and you can also share it with someone else. It’s hard to believe that this high-quality software is free of cost and provides the maximum benefits. To use it, follow these steps: 

  • First of all, to operate the system, you need the updated version of Java installed and functioning on the PC. It is optional if you need the dependent functions of Java otherwise you can skip this step.
  • Check the system requirements for Apache Open office.
  • Download the Open Office version 4.0 for the windows.
  • Now, you need to log in if it is required. 
  • Install the open office and open up the files. 
  • When the installation producers get complete, you can run it on your device freely. 
  • Keep upgrading the latest version of the Open office for better and advanced functioning. 

Another way to download OO: 

The official way is to download it from the website. On the other hand, there are also other options if you feel like it. Several download managers allow you to download the open office such as:

  • aria2 
  • Downloader
  • GetRight 
  • iGetter 
  • KGet 
  • ReGet 
  • Speed Download 

Benefits of OO: 

  • It is free of cost.
  • Works at a faster speed. 
  • It is available in all major operating systems. 
  • The software is functional in many languages. 
  • It has a higher degree of compatibility. 
  • You can also buy the premium features as your own choice. 
  • It doesn’t contain any writing errors.
  • It allows you to use various extensions and templates. 


The open office has been serving the public for twenty years. It has the best features and the most cherished factor is that you can avail them for free. You can download it in a very easy way from their official site. It is highly compatible and friendly to use. Finally, the application is competing for the Microsoft application in a far better way. You can use it for multi-purposes and is trust worthy. 


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