How to Download Sans Gun in Gmod Free 2020


Want to get free and secure Sans Gun in Gmod? You will have entered many websites and surely you have not found what you were looking for but it is not so easy to get, we teach you in the following guide how to download Sans Gun in Gmod free officially without virus.

Sans Gun in Gmod

Combining the popularity of GMod and Undertale is certain to bring a large crowd. However, how does one do this? Thankfully, with the help of mods, you too can have the one and only Sans from Undertale in your game!

download sans gun in gmod

How to Download Sans Gun in Gmod

-Go to Steam Workshop: The Steam workshop is your one-stop place for all of your modding needs! Simply log into steam and go to Community, then Workshop, and you’re there! It’s truly that easy to find great modded content for all of your favorite steam games!

gmod in workshop

-Search for Sans Gun: Now that you’ve found the workshop, it’s time to find Sans! Searching “GMod” will bring you a large variety of things to choose from, so it’s probably best to just stick with searching “GMod Sans” for now. After you find your Mod and install it by following the on-screen instructions, it’s in your game and ready to use!

sans gun in gmod

What it’s Important to Follow This Step

In all, while it’s a simple process to download, it’s important to remember to download from the steam workshop, particularly if your GMod game is from Steam. This is because, while there might be other mod providers out there for GMod, they might not be trustworthy sources, meaning that they could carry nasty things for your computer, like viruses or malware. Thankfully, with the steam workshop, you know that your games, and your computer, is secure, with Steam Workshop being a trustworthy source to get all of your steam mods from.

download sans gun in gmod free in 2020

And there you have it! Now you can enjoy playing as Sans in GMod, along with many other things that the Steam Workshop offers! Since there are so many different Mods out there for GMod, it can be a little overwhelming at first to see all the different options that you might have. Remember, one at a time! (Or 3…or 6…)

Once you’re ready, you can even start making mods of your very own and posting them to the workshop! Doing so not only might get you some of that sweet notoriety, but it will also help build the steam community into a place where people can share their creations with the internet! Plus, you could always create a Sans of your own in GMod, once you’re familiar with it enough.

That’s what makes the Steam Workshop so great, is its community. The overall welcoming and friendly environment that will sure to be one that you won’t forget for a while.


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