How to Download Minecraft Mods for Windows 10


Surely Minecraft is your favorite game and to avoid getting bored you want to fill it with mods, but it has a windows 10 and you don’t know how to do it, through the following guide we will teach you how to download Minecraft mods for windows 10

Minecraft , the game

Minecraft is a game that is appealing for many different reasons, and with such a wide spectrum of
audiences, it’s no wonder the game has been able to rise to popularity in recent years. That being
said, like a lot of popular games Minecraft is known for its vibrant and ever-growing modding
community. This community has made all sorts of great mods and skins for the best Minecraft
experience one can craft!

How to download Minecraft Mods for Windows 10

That being said, however, it’s important to note that the original version of Minecraft, that is the Java version, has the vast majority of Minecraft mods available. That doesn’t mean, though, that there aren’t any mods for Windows 10 out there! Below is a comprehensive guide to downloading any Windows 10 Minecraft Mods you might come across.

How to Download Minecraft Mods for Windows 10

1. Extract
The first thing that you’ll want to do is extract the files. To do this, simply right-click on the
appropriate file and select Extract.
This will allow you to properly place the files where they belong. If
you misplace the downloads folder, it can be a pain to find it again, especially if you have a lot of

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2. Choose Location for Folder
Next, you’ll need to choose the location for all of your mods! This is a very important step, especially
if you want to be able to sort them all out ( which is something that you’ll want to get a start on early).
3. Choose Location for File
This step is a hard one, as it depends on what kind of mod you’re downloading. For example,
resource packs go here:
What’s important is to know where your mod should go exactly, and to find that out, simply look up
the type of mod it is, whether it be a texture file or a resource pack, you’ll be able to find its right

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4. Select in-game
Finally, it’s important to enable appropriate mods in-game, under the “Add-on” list in-game. After
doing this, your mods should be in-game!

Minecraft Mods for Windows 2020

What it’s Important to Follow These Steps

Since you’re messing with files and folders, it’s important to follow the instructions to a T, and not to
delete anything unless explicitly stated. Deleting anything important might mess up your game, or,
even worse, prevent it from even starting at all!

And just like that, your Minecraft is ready to go! Just remember to keep an eye on your mods, and
make sure that you play-test your game regularly! This is important to make sure all of your mods
are working properly, and not even possibly making your game run slower (or not at all!)
It’s also an important note to only download mods from sources that you trust. This is important, not
only for the obvious danger against things like viruses’, but it also helps you detect a bad mood right
away, preventing a headache in the future.


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