How to Download Faceit Demos Free 2020



Looking to download faceit demos? Stop looking at other sites that are not going to give you the solution, in this guide we will teach you how to download faceit demos free and safely

FACEIT, What is it?

A great way to get better at Call of Duty is to watch footage of your gameplay, seeing what you did right and wrong. That being said, using’s demos of your game is a great resource for those looking to “get gud”. 

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That being said, it’s important to keep improving and learning, particularly if you’re trying to become pro. Using this technique is sure to improve your skills, making Faceit demos a great resource for improving your skills.

How to Download Faceit Demos First, you’ll want to go to and go to your profile. Under stats, you’ll then want to select the clip or “highlight” that you want to watch, and then select “watch demo.” 

faceit demos

-Make a demo folder: Making a demo folder, while technically not required to do, is extremely important if you want to appropriately sort your mods, as well as not lose track of them. After placing the demos into this folder, make sure that the demos in question are DEM files, and not GZ files, as DEM files are the correct format to watch them in-game.

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What it’s Important to Follow These Steps

In all, while it’s relatively easy to download demos from Faceit, it’s another story to watch them in-game. In order to make sure you can palace them into your game appropriately, you’ll need to extract the files appropriately and place them into the correct game file.

Doing any of these steps incorrectly will not only prohibit you from watching any of your newly-downloaded videos, but it also might harm your game, even corrupting your game data if placed in the wrong folder.

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Of course, it’s also equally important to remember to not delete anything. Whether you want to watch them on your computer or through in-game, it’s important to know that you won’t need to delete anything during the process. That being said, make sure you’re not going around in your game files, deleting files left and right. Doing this will not only surely mess up your game beyond repair, but it’s also completely unnecessary; those files are most likely there for a reason.

And there you have it! All of the demos you could ever need to watch all in one place. Using the video tools at hand, you can even rewind and zoom in on certain spots; seeing exactly where you went right (or wrong!) One last thing to remember, is when you want to delete any demos, to make sure you don’t delete anything else. This is where the Demo folder comes in handy, as it’ll put all of your demos into one easy to access place. Again, while it isn’t required, it makes the whole process a whole lot easier.


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