Free Games to Download in 2021



    Free Games to Download

    Gaming is something that helps you boost your productivity, spend your leisure time while having fun, boost your mental health, and become more active. As the gaming era keeps on expanding, new games are taking place in the market with both free and paid scenarios. You can get all the top paid games from thousands of platforms but not all games are free for users to enjoy. Also, in this post you will learn how to get Free Games to download.

    There are plenty of websites and applications that help you get instant and easy access to plenty of amazing games for free. Some of the highlighting platforms include My Abandonware, IGN Beta Giveaway, Reddit’s FreeGameFindings Subreddit, Steamgifts, and plenty of others. Here on these sites, you can instantly access thousands of gigantic and amazing paid games for free. 

    Free Games to download

    Download Paid games for free:

    • Let’s just talk about the paid Grand Theft Auto game that contains fans’ followings in millions and almost all the gamers have tried over their PCs. 
    • For downloading this game, all you need to do is to visit the site and scroll down to see the two download buttons.
    • One of them is the simple download button and the other one is a torrent download button. But we’ll discuss the simple downloading that you can do without the assistance of the torrent.
    • After downloading the red download that takes you to another window where you have to wait for the download button for five seconds. 
    • Once the download button appears, just click over it to get the file download. 
    • Then go back to the screen of your computer and go to the download button to get the zip file.
    • Right-click the zip file and extract Grand Theft Auto V button, (you must have WinRAR installed on your PC).


    • After clicking over it, wait for the file to be extracted. When the new folder appears over your desktop open it to proceed further. 
    • Double click over the folder and open the setup ultra-repack 2.1 application and enter in it while double-clicking. 
    • Select your language and click OK and then just click the next button, again the next button, and then place the exact location where you want to download GTA V. After that you just tap the next button and let the installation begins. 
    • You have to be patient because it takes a few minutes to be downloaded. Once it’s done, you have to uncheck the last two ticks available over the window and then close it. 
    • Another window of DirectX will pop up where you are allow to accept the terms and conditions, click next and install it instantly.
    • You can then get the icon of the game right over your desktop. Before you do anything, you just have to run the icon as administration. That’s it just open it and have fun. 


    If you love playing heavy and paid games and want to get paid games for free then take a look at this article. It will help you download all your most likely paid games for free and enjoy playing them over your personal computers whenever you want. 


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