How to Download SketchUp for Free? 2021


How to Download SketchUp for Free?

SketchUp is a free 3D modeling software that lets you design your project on web. You can easily design a 3d project on web and have them safe in your phone. You don’t need to hire a team or use big tools to draw, you just need to sketch your idea and have your plan ready.

Sketchup is customer friendly website and understand the need of time. Nowadays it is hard to go outside and work with heavy tools, so sketchup helps you in developing a project in your room. You get the opportunity to draw your 3D model on web. It is best when you have ideas but they pop-up randomly. Just sit wherever and draw your idea anywhere, they are safe in sketchup.

Benefits of sketchup:

Is a must use for people who are in school and need to do their projects. It is easy to use and good to sketch up an idea without ringing a lot of bells. Some of other benefits are:

  • The cloud storage is enough to store your projects and share it with your team
  • You can easily view your model on your mobile with sketchup app
  • It is free of cost; you don’t need to put any credit card information on the app
  • You can view all of your models in one place, it is like a n online warehouse
  • The interoperability is good to easily export and import pictures or any file type

How to get sketchup for free?

Is an app that is mostly used by students to make projects online. In mobile app you can start a free trial and experiment what it is like to use the app. If you open the website and click on “try sketchup’, it will lead you to page with different deals. You can pay money to download any deal to get sketchup pro or sketchup studio.

You can download the free trial version of these software and work on it for a time interval. But you can also pay for them and enjoy using many more features. There is a free version of software with all the features but it is only for students. The developer of the apps offers this special version of app to students for educational purposes.

Sketchup free is an online version of app that runs only on web and just need internet to function.  This version has all the features and tools which you might need to work. But the drawback is that you can only use it when you have active internet connection. 


Sketchup is providing opportunities to many people who need to work on their ideas but can’t afford the tools. It is a revolutionary developing software that is used in wide range of fields. From architecture to model design, sketchup has made it easy to work on your project. You can use the free version but if you want to subscribe you just need to download the app and pay a very small amount yearly.


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