How to Download Procreate Brushes 2021?


    One of the most popular Raster Graphics Editor Applications used for digital painting on iOS and iPad is Procreate. Savage Interactive released the application almost nine years ago; nowadays, worldwide users search for different ways to Download Procreate Brushes. Therefore, we jump in to help you learn how to Download Brushes following the easy methods. Firstly, you should know that the purpose of the app is to offer you a natural feel of physical drawing, whenever you are using the digital platform’s practical advantage. There are over 130 brushes available, along with the following:

    • Blend Mode
    • Masks
    • Multiple Layers
    • 4K Resolution
    • Digital Art Tools
    • Autosave

    Moreover, editing any videos and images is at your fingertips. Using the application, you can apply the filters you like, crop your image in any size, and remove extra layers to make it sleeker. Furthermore, dozens of helpful tools are there to help you take your image to the next level. After having Procreate application, you don’t need any heavyweight software or app to modify your images because it has all the required features.

    Download Procreate Brushes-Official Download

    How to Install Brushes in Procreate?

    As mentioned above, Procreate is one of the most famous Raster Graphics Editor App that you can add to your arsenal with no worries. We have compiled a way to reveal how to install custom brushes in your inventory to use whenever you need them. Firstly, you should keep in mind that installing brushes you have recently downloaded isn’t easy as you are considering. Secondly, you should learn how to download the brushes on your PC and save them to the cloud, though you can download them using your iPad.

    You are using free apps like iZip, File Manager, etc., to unzip the download files if you have downloaded them as a zip. It doesn’t matter how you download the brush because the installation process is almost the same. Follow the given steps, and here you go.

    • Tap on a new Canvas and hit the icon of Paintbrush to open the Panel.
    • Decide the folder to keep the brush. Please create a new folder by hitting the + button available at the top of the brush sets.
    • Hit the + button to import a new brush of your choice.
    • Afterward, tap the import button available in the dialogue box.
    • Next to that, the iPad’s File Interface will open and let you navigate the folder holding downloaded procreate brushes.
    • Completion of the said steps lets you hit the brush you want to install. Following the said step will lead you back to the Procreate Canvas with a Brush Panel that will open.

    All of your selected brushes will be added to the application, and you can use them anytime whenever you need them. Furthermore, you can add multiple brushes at once and start designing and editing your videos and photos to make them look and feel better ever than before.


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