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iTunes is a media player, internet radio broadcaster, mobile device management utility, internet media library, and the client app for the iTunes Store.

You can use it to play, download, and purchase, organize, and manage digital multimedia on personal computers running the Windows and Mac operating systems.

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It also contains options for sound optimizations exists along with the ways to wirelessly share the iTunes library. Video support was introduced to iTunes back in 2005 with the release of iTunes 4.8.

As it goes on, Apple updated iTunes with the support of podcasts and you can subscribe to podcasts, define how many episodes to download, change update frequency, and how many to delete. 

While keep moving, Apple announced the iPad Tablet along with the new member to the family named iBooks (merely known as Apple Books). Apple introduced native mobile applications for all the available iOS operating systems.

Here on this content, you can get to know how to download and install iTunes over your Windows devices for free. This procedure contains some simple steps that you can follow and get things done. 

How to download iTunes on Windows 10:

  • All you need to have the first step is to open the browser that you have on your computer and search for iTunes. 
  • When you write iTunes in the search bar, you can intuitively get the official site of Apple along with the options to Apple’s official link, Download iTunes, Video, Music, Podcasts, iTunes support, and iTunes- Download iTunes, etc.   
  • You can either click over the download iTunes right from there and even open the official link of Apple to do so. 
  • There will be a button mentioned Get it from Microsoft that you have to click. It will take you to the page where you can download iTunes for windows. It also brings links to the other version of macOS and Windows Store just beneath. 
  • You can then download iTunes while clicking over the Download now (64-bit). When you do so, a download pop-up will display that you have to allow for downloading. 
  • When you get the download done, you can simply open the download folder from the downloaded folder and double-click over it to install. 
  • It contains a simple installation procedure that you can follow and download in seconds. As the installation is finished, you have to agree to the software license agreement with a single click of the button. As you click, you are provided with free iTunes for Windows right away. 


You can get the latest version of iTunes using the procedure that we bring for you and you don’t have to waste any money or efforts for this reason. You can simply follow the steps of downloading iTunes for Windows and get things done in the way you want.

You can also upgrade it to get your most likely movies, TV shows, podcasts, music, apps, and more. You can also join Apple music streams and download to play more than 50 million ad-free songs offline.  


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