How long does it take to download GTA 5? 2021


How long does it take to download GTA 5?

GTA 5 is a game that is tremendously adventurous and full of action. It was launched by the Robert star North in 2013. It was the most selling game of the time. People still love the game and enjoy it. The game is very popular all around the world due to various factors like the graphics, effects, character, and storylines. The perfect background music and beats were also the reason for its vogue. The sound was quite good for the ears of the listeners. Moreover, the updated version and features of the game are also a reason that made it famous. When it comes to downloading the game, it may take a long while for the task. It depends upon the various factors like:

  • Internet access.
  • The GTA data file size.
  • The site variation also matters a lot.

It needs 75 GB of storage to download the game. It requires various hours to download the game like if you’re downloading the game with 7mbs speed it will take 3-4 hours approximately. If you’re having strong internet access, then it will reduce to hour 2.5. If you have the 6mbps speed, it would take a total time of 22 hours. And if you’re having a speed of 50 kbps. The time will be 9.2 million seconds. If the speed is 256 Mbs it will take 2343 minutes.

You need to be patient as the size of the file is large and the connection supports such big files in a short period. However, the internet connection is the basic point of the speed and time of installation. For some devices, it takes 5 hours and for another device, it may take a whole day to get the download. So the estimated time is not a pet rule. It all depends upon the given situations. Try to get a good and strong connection and a compatible device.


Is it available GTA on Android?

It is the most famous game of the time up to now. It was initially made as a PlayStation game then it was converted to various platforms like on PC. But the game is still unreachable on android. There is no way to reach it by using such a device.

Can you download it faster?

Yes. You can do it in a faster way by putting it as a priority on your setting taskbar very high. Try not to use any other apps or websites in the background. Also, don’t plug in the charger while installing. As it slows down the process. Turn off the antivirus and don’t turn in any download manager.


It is a very heavy application and it will take time to install it. In some cases like having a high PC can increase the speed and also following the simple tips may help. But you need to wait for a while for the installation and then you can enjoy the game on your device.


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